Do I need a brake job?

I drive a 2004 V-6 full-time 4WD Toyota Highlander. I took it to the dealership for the 30K mile service and was told that I need a complete brake job. The remaining wear on the front pads is 15% and the rear is 25%. I actually have about 43K miles, but since I rarely drive anywhere but in town, I put off the service. Everything else checks out okay. Is the dealer just trying to squeeze another $800 out of me?

43K miles of mostly around town driving is good brake life from a Highlander. You could get the fronts done now and put off the rears for about a year to reduce the bill. You can also have a non dealer mechanic do the brakes, you have some time to shop for prices.

800? sounds like all you need is pads which should be around 100. dont have it done at the dealer

Just find a reputable, local, independent shop. Have them do all of your routines check-ups & maintenance. As their first job for you, ask them to inspect your brakes and advise.

I am assuming that $800 includes four new rotors and four sets of brake pads. This price is not completely out of line for a dealer and the pad life, as UncleTurbo stated, is normal.

Did the dealer’s mechanic measure the thickness of the rotors or just suggest replacing them? Have you experienced any problems with noise, pulsation, shimmying, etc?

You could just get new pads installed all around for about $200 by any chain or independent mechanic, or about $100 for just the front. Many places offer “lifetime warranty” pads for this price. This is a very simple job.

Thanks Uncle Turbo. I took it to Les Schwab, the most reputable tire, wheel and brake center in the Pacific NW. They measured the rotors and the rear ones do need to be replaced within the next few months, but the fronts could just use a resurface. The dealer quote only included machining both front and back, no replacement.