Brakes Price on G6


What would be a good estimate on a brake job for a 2006 Pontiac G6 with 38,000 miles on it? It’s making that lovely grinding sound.


a lot. Dealers and independent mechanics will give you a quote.


That grinding sound could be a spot on the pads made to alert you that you need to think about getting them done. Replacing pads & turning rotors around here can be under $150…but I’ve also seen prices for exactly the same thing for almost $200. If the grinding sound is the rotors they would need to be checked & possibly replaced. Then you’re up to $300 at least. Would suggest shopping around because the prices can vary by $50 or more. It can depend on the quality brake pad they use. At 38K you might just consider the dealer - they should be competitive.


Ha! Paid $400 for rear brakes only. (Dealer of course)




I’m going to revise the brake pad & rotor replacement cost - probably upwards of $400. Rotors alone could be $80-100 each. :frowning: