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Mercedes benz sl500 2003-2008 side marker lights

Can someone tell me what relay controls these lights. The lights are good and the bulbs are brand new. My headlights / fog / tail lights and turn signals all work fine. The side marker lights just do not come on. I was told perhaps the relay may be shot, however there are 2 fuse boxes in the engine compartment and they are filled with various relays and fuses. Oh, I have check out all the fuses and they are also good.


If you look inside the fuse box cover, you'll see a diagram listing what every device in there is for.

I don't have access to a manual, or I'd look for you,


You can afford to call mercedez benz?? I’m sure someone in customer service will tell you. Perhaps they just come on at night?

seriously with all the problems in the world… you dealership can’t answer that question?

The marker lights are a low power light so usually they don’t use a relay to turn them on. The power comes directly from the light switch. If all of them are out I would suspect the switch or a common connection after the switch to the lights as the cause of the problem.