Mercedes Benz 230SLK Kompressor

My car sounds like a tractor - any ideas?

exhaust leak? Does it perform OK, but sounds loud?

Is this something new? They’re known for that.

Have you checked interest rates for a second mortgage?
If the Mercedes dealer looks into this, you may need to take out a second mortgage.

Are there any independent MB mechanics in your area?

Agree an exhaust leak somewhere is the likely cause. I would first go to an exhaust specialty shop; they will quickly identifiy where the leak is; exhaust manifold gasket, muffler(s), converter, exhaust pipe, or just a loose connection.

The chain may not have the parts, but an independent garage will be able to locate them. I would stay away from the dealer.

1999 - 99000 miles - so far i’ve replaced an air flow sensor, spark plugs, motor mounts, the headliner and a tail light wiring - so, basically it runs great. the noise is still there and i’m scared that it’s serious but never an engine check light related to the noise.

When did it start sounding like this? How long had you owned it previously?

i bought it used at 89000 miles last year and it was making the noise then

Then it sounds like either an exhaust leak somewhere, or it just might be how your car sounds. They were noted for their tractor-like exhaust note, when they came out, and I’ve noticed it in some that have passed me. As others have said, an exhaust shop should be able to find any leak.

thanks so much - you’d think it was a diesel.

If your MB Kompresson sounds like a 2 cylinder John Deere, then get it fixed. If it sounds like an International Harvestor Super M, leave it alone.

Seriously, I wonder if a spark plug has blown out of the engine. This will cause a car to sound like a 2 cylinder John Deere tractor.