ALL MECHANICS AND GEAR-HEADS - Have a listen and tell me what you think

BasicAlly thats the problems i have with my car

Sounds like a valve train problem to me. Most likely a lifter.

So you mean the Hydraulic Lifters are a problem , and the valve train , do i need to adjust the Tappets , because the mechanic i use ,tells me everything is fine ,no problem ,but it sounds bad and i want to fix it!!!

Since it is loudest out the exhaust, I would check the exhaust side of the valve train. Bad lifter, stuck valve, brolen or weak valve spring or worn out lobe on cam. If your engine has variable valve timing, that introduces more possibilities, especially if oil changes have been neglected.

Add to that list a valve seat that came out of place in the head. (personal experience)

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Which engine is it? The truck, or car version for that matter, were never sold in the USA. Most of us live there, or at least in North America. I’m guessing South Africa, since that is where they were built. Do I get bonus points for being correct? Seriously, if know the engine, we may be able to narrow down the likely problems based on repair reports.

You came pretty close ,im from Namibia ,right next door ,okay engine specs Nissan NP200 /Dacia Logan Pick-up with a Renault K7M 1.6 8v 168200KM 2011 model ,had a gear linkage problem ,bought one ,then my master cylinder push rod broke ,also fix that ,i had other threads open for that

Sounds like an exhaust leak to me. It is more of a pfffft sound than a click or clack sound. Could be the exhaust manifold gasket at the head or more likely the donut between the manifold and the exhaust pipe.