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Car sounds louder?

Hello, i have a 2002 chevy camaro V6 automatic with 124,000 miles. Driving to work was normal until i stepped on the accelerator to quickly get into next lane on freeway, and thats when the car got louder. It sounds almost like a motorcycle now. No lights came on dashboard, RPMs are normal. Need to take it to a shop still just wanna get some information so im not clueless when i take it in. I also had engine and transmission oil changed at 122,674 miles.

Have your exhaust system checked.

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You have an exhaust leak. Can’t see it from here.

You are going to a shop. Ask why they recommend the repair and if it is something they can show you. If that makes sense then do it. If not get a second opinion.

Concur, rule out exhaust leak first.

I may have figured it out myself, looked under neath car and seen this!?

Yup, you figured it out. Nice work.
The pipes look in good shape. It looks like the joint simply came apart. I suggest you google “exhaust repair clamps”. Here’s an image of one type.
41GS uv6k9L

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Took it to a muffler shop, $20 to weld it back on

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Good work there OP, you stuck with it, asked for advice, then diagnosed the problem yourself. Excellent.

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