Merc C200 Auto : The ultimate nitemare

The car: C200 1999 auto box

Problem 1: Dead Electronic Ignition Switch - stuck in ‘park’ - Indy checked remote key OK
Solution: Need a tow to service
Problem 2: transmission is locked in ‘park’, no emergency release like any other auto I’ve owned.
Problem 3: As ‘park’ locks transmission, it is impossible to move.
Problem 4: PLUS - steering is also locked.

… a circular set of issues that is going to be problematic for the tow guys.

We have a gravel drive so I guess they can drag it up the truck rails!

I would appreciate any ideas on how to help prepare for what is going to be an interesting and expensive exercise.

Thanks in advance.

Video shows where the release button is
Also, wheel dollies could aid in moving the car if it is on a smooth surface.

Tow truck drivers do this for a living, it’s not a big deal…Getting if OFF the flatbed will be more difficult, but they will manage that too. Somewhere along the way, they will get it out of park…

Thanks for the link knfenimore. The car is a W202 and unfortunately, even having removed the top and base plate there is no aperture for say a pencil as in other models/years.

Caddyman - thanks, makes feel a bit easier.

Wheel dollies would be my suggestion. Good luck! Rocketman