C220 Mercedes Benz cut out

Hi - I have a 1995 C220 MB auto and yesterday it cut out with my wife and still not starting. I checked all fuses and it also has spark. So I presume it is fuel line related. Where is the best place to start looking for the problem - systematically? Appreciate suggestions - thanks

By seeing if you have any fuel line pressure.
However, if you know little about cars, you might save a lot of time, trouble, and money by just taking it to your mechanic.

If remember my friends MB220ish same vintage the wiring harness was brittle and caused all sorts of fun problems like this. A MB indy tech traced it down.

This forum is too general, I’d suggest an older MB forum just figure out what body you have(Wikipedia). It should be something W125 or something(not sure).

This Benz is certainly from the era of brittle wiring harnesses

But first things first . . .

This engine has a fuel pressure test port, so it should be very easy to check. I’m kind of fuzzy with the specs, but 3.7bar would be a good number, key on engine off

I’ll say one thing about that fuel pressure test port . . . the cap is copper, if it’s still there. I’m saying that because most test port caps are plastic, so a copper test port cap might throw you for a loop, if you don’t know what to look for

I expect you have a problem with the fuel pump or the fuel pump relay. The fuel pressure test mentioned above will confirm or disprove.

Thank you Gents for the comments and help. Was a fuel line problem and now sorted - i phoned an old mechanic friend of mine in Namibia and he suggested I put a little petrol in the intake manifold and start - if it reacts, not an ignition problem. He then said it should be either one of 3 things - Fuel pump, blocked filter or fuel pump relay. he also said I should “tap” the “pressure control valves” on the sides of the injector bank softly with the back of a screwdriver - and wallah! Once I’d done that, the car started and is going well. He further suggested that i buy 2 bottles of injector cleaner to put in the fuel tank and that should clear up the problem.

Once again thanks for your comments and help