Stuck Ignition Key

I have 1999 Honda Civic with an automatic transmission and I cannot remove the key. I have shifted it in and out out of Park and turned the steering wheel without any success. I suspect the problem is related to a sensor to determine the shifter is in Park. How can I verify this or rule it out. If it is a sensor what is a reasonable cost to have it repaired.

Thank you for your assistance.

With the ignition key off, does the steering wheel lock?


I have the same. Also on the third ignition lock.
I do a lot of saying of good and bad at the lock and key. Silicone spray on the key, Jiggling of shifter and key. I also need to get a new key made from the master. A new lock is prohibitive. I am especially careful in putting shift in P first before turning the key and removing.

Be nice and may be IT will yield to your pleadings.

My key in my 2004 Mustang was stuck for over a year.It turned out the key was bent.I pulled on it really hard to get it out of there.

In regards to Tester’s question, yes the steering wheel locks when the key is off. Is the diagnostic logic that if the steering wheel locks the “park sensor” is working and therefore the problem is the key or ignition switch? And if the wheel does not lock the problem is more likely the “park sensor?”. As an fyi, a mechanic asked me if the shift lever goes into Park, can I assume this is along your line of thinking (if it goes into Park, and the steering wheel locks then the problem is likely a key or ignition switch issue).

Thanks for sharing your expertise.