Wiring and Rodents

How do I protect my car wiring from wildlife who are repeatedly chewing the wiring under the hood, other than build a garage?

Hungry cat? That is about it. You can try any of several repellents, but I have not seen man people reporting success.

Paint the wiring with Tobasco sauce or spray it with Pepper Spray…

One option that was used in the past was for a car that was parked under a carport and had 120vac power near buy.
They installed a wood board around the car. About 6" wide on edge setting about 3" of the board into the ground, The half 3" of the board that sticks out of the ground you place electric fence insulators on top of the board and run a electric fence wire around the entire car. When the car is parked they would power up the fence controller.
This was used to prevent chipmunks from entering to the engine area. The car would sit for about a week at a time. They tried may different ideas with no luck.

Good luck

Your state’s Department of Agriculture office in your state capital has experts in rhodent control. Perhaps they can offer a suggestion.