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Melted Connector

I have a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder and the Idle Air Control Motor shorted out. In the process, the electrical connector that attaches to it melted. Replacing the motor was easy. Unfortunately, after two months of searching, I cannot find a connector from salvage yards or suppliers that will work. I did find the part I need at a companuy in China (KinKong Electric), but wants a minimum order of 1000. I only need 2 or 3.

Any suggestions?

I haven’t looked but has a lot of the special connectors. Also NAPA can usually do a special order.

Is that connector right on the new IAC? Or is there a pigtail on the IAC that has this connector at the end? If the latter, one option would be to remove both connectors (the one on the IAC pigtail and the one on the wiring harness) and install a different connector pair instead. You could simply use separate spade connectors, available at most hardware stores.

If there is no pigtail and the matching connector is part of the IAC, so that using a different connector pair is impossible, then I’d ask the local Nissan dealerhship parts dept first for help, and if they couldn’t help I’d ask a local inde auto-electric specialist for advice.

Edit: In looking at that photo, I’m wondering if the smaller type of spade connector would individually fit into those slots? If so, while a major kluge, that’s another option.

Looks like you have to have the proper female connector for that. Not at rockauto. Google “Nissan six pin pigtail” and have a look see. There was something on ebay and looks like Carquest might be able to help. Sounds like it is the same as the Maxima. Otherwise you’re looking at a new harness.

A new IAC is likely to last the rest of the life of the vehicle. If OEM parts not available to fix the connector, hard wire it in…

Keep trying junkyards, you just have to find the right place. If the IAC shorted out then you will probably need a PCM in order for it to work right.