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Fuel injector connector pigtails

i am looking for fuel linjector connector pigtails for 1990 Nissan 300zx, non tubo. any idea where can find or availabiltiy has your fuel injector connectors.


THANKS-i thought that also, and orderd both types but they were not the correct fit

What was wrong with them? Is your connector a different configuration? Maybe you have non-stock injectors.

You might want to find a ZX forum, I would think there are some folks very interested in these.

mechanic just said they would not fit, think the clip system was different-since i purchased from rockauto, i believe i can return them for refund–thanks
the parts manager at nissan here is hoping to find something, but no luck yet


I once got an inexpensive part from rockauto which didn’t fit

I explained that it was way too much of a hassle to repack a $20 part, and that they should just eat the cost and refund my money

Amazingly enough, they agreed and sent me that refund

thanks, i did find the pigtalis (new) on ebay. I did order the fuel injectors (6) from Rock auto. hopefully will have this up and running by 10/26/2013 when it is scheduled to go into winter storage for next 6 months