Mecum auctions

For those who don’t know the Mecum Auctions are broadcast on NBCSN . I don’t think the Motor Trend network even shows reruns . I think something called RFD does carry delayed shows.

Also the Mecum web site is free to join so one can see all of the vehicles and past results.


I believe that Motor Trend or another Discovery channel has Barrett Jackson auctions. Both are fun ways to see unique cars if you can wade through the Camaros and Mustangs. Both models are fine in moderation, but there are typically zillions of them at these auctions.

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I’ve been using the website for years now, easy enough to search for past results as well as see what’s on the block at the next auction. I know of a more comprehensive database of all the auctions but that requires a subscription. Barret Jackson has been on Motor Trend TV in the past but it looks like They have a TV deal with History channel for the Vegas auction at least. Or you can livestream the auction through the website.

Mecum auctions are more fun to watch for me because the cars seem more “real”, more attainable. Seems like everything on Barrett-Jackson is a perfect one-off dream car that you’d have to keep in a museum. Mecum has real drivers.

Went to a Mecum in person a few years ago, got to be an arm’s length away from a $3.5 million Plymouth 'Cuda.

Mecum has more for every budget but most auctions save the big ticket items for prime time.

Having watched both Mecum and Barrett-Jackson auctions I honestly don’t understand the hype except as “made for TV entertainment”.

I love Classic, Muscle and Hot Rods but I don’t understand why anyone would pay a ridiculous price for what’s basically a tarted up family car unless they’re under the influence or a schill.
Sorry guys but to me a '60s Impala, regardless of how large an engine and how flashy you paint it is still a “Boat”, it’s still a hand me down from your dull parents or grandparents.

On the other hand, talk to me about a 60’s Corvette, GTO, Mach 1, 'Cuda, “Daytona”, “Judge”, Javelin, AMX, Jaguar XKE, MB SL and I’m listening.

And for the future I’d add the “modern classics”, the Datsun/Nissan Z’s, the Honda 2000, the Toyota Supra, the Subaru WRX, the VW gti.and possibly even the Toyota/Subaru FRS, Hyundai Genesis Sports Coupe and even the Chrysler Crossfire.
All great cars, all affordable and all evocative of an era.

Everyone frames things from their own point of view. While that is often a good starting place, it is important to remember that different opinions exist on what cars to buy. I wouldn’t buy an old Corvette for $70,000 or more if I can buy a new one for the same money. I also don’t think poorly of someone that prefers the older cars. It’s just their preference.

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I agree and if memories of “Bunny at the drive in” are a motivating factor, well then the sky’s the limit.

However, it’s important to remember that there’s a thin market of those who dated “Bunny” so if I’m buying an older Corvette, having never dated “Bunny”, my bid would be much lower and focus on the current and the in period performance.

The guy nearby with a 65 or so Corvette convertible seems to be having too much fun driving it to worry about weather it has the most desirable engine or options. There’s also a 60’s GTO that’s parked next to it that I don’t believe is driven as much but still looks good.