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Mechanic rescources

hey i got a guy come in and ask me to do this whole tech thing to show him how his car might turn out. so i stole my buddy’s pc for a lil bit and messed on his CAD to make a car tht would look like his. it gave a basic idea but was real crappy. so i figure ill get into tht. well im chaep so does anyone knw some free program tht i could practice buildin cars on?

Not free forever but there are 60 day downloads of Adobe CS3 Design (Illustrator ,InDesign,Photoshop and QuarkXpress) the programs are more for desktop publishing but have a lot of creative applications,you can see if you like this kind of thing,hard to teach yourself unless you are gifted in computer aided design.

I don’t know of a free or even pay for program directed espically towards auto design.

Have you ever watched OCC ? I always wondered what software the young computer based design guy was using,that is what you want.