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Looking for Auto Mechanic text book recomendation

I consider myself a serious DIY’er and a good technical background. I would like to find a good Automotive Tech school textbook to broaden my knowledge. I do have some HP and Bosch books, but I looking for a good overall general text.

My go to text book is Automotive Technology a Systems Approach 4th Edition,Jack Erjavec. I pick up FSM’s where ever possible (last was a 91 Bravada for $10.00) Gears magazine is good for tramsmissions and Motors is a good industry mag.

The ASE study books are also valuable

I have seen some of the others list their favorites.

I stay away from Haynes and is Clymer still in business? very bad

For me its either FSM or FSM.

I rely heavily on the Factory Manuals for my stuff. I am not looking for vehicle specific information, but general work practices and background information. I want to become a better overall hack and understand the systems better.

Just got a copy of Automotive Technology from Amazon. Very in depth and has a key to online videos and info as well! Glad I am not a student carrying it around…its heavy. Between this, the Bosch “Automotive Handbook” and the factory manuals, I have some reading and wrenching to catch up on.

Thanks oldschool

What did you pay? My College bookstore gets close to $150.00 for it but we all know how big a ripoff College and University bookstores are.

It was just about $100 with shipping. $150!!!

Stop by the local community college that offers automotive courses and ask their bookstore what books are used. They may sell you one, or if you have the ISBN number and author you can order one online.

I’d send you my list of favorites, but they’re on a differnt harddrive than I’m currently using.