Mechanic needs free online repair manuals


Hello I was wondering if there is a free mechanics website that I can go to anytime to get info and pictures if I get stuck while I’m repairing cars? I just want to maybe put in the year make and model and get what ever I need for the car I’m working on.


when you find it, let us know. we ALL would be greatful.


Oh by the way cappy. You are the man or the woman. The lexus is running great. But I want to tell you something funny. I fired the lexus up and like 5 min later it died on me. I was cussing the car out. Then I went and looked at the gas gauge and saw it had run out. I was very relieved. I then called the car owner and said next time you bring a car here for work make sure you have at least a little gas in it.But I wanted to thank you very much. I called and drove around all day looking for the darn manual to get the timing marks because the water pump froze up and broke the belt. Thanks again. When I have another problem, I will be looking for you here. Take care Darren


For some cars, you can get some information (car manual type stuff) at Put in the car make, etc., and click on Maintenance Repair Guides. Another free source is through the public library (the place with books and stuff). Some (many?) have a subscription to Just ask a librarian.


A lot of public library systems have a auto repair manual database that you can access by entering your library card number. also has a similar system, but I don’t really like how it’s set up.