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Meal worms in prius

To the woman whose meal worms got loose in her prius: Since these worms were for the “eatification” of her box turtle…let that turtle loose in the car to recover them!

Well, she needs to do something pretty quickly about those “worms”, since they are actually the larval stage of a beetle.

Within a couple of weeks, her car will be infested with beetles unless she rids the car of these things a.s.a.p. If she doesn’t want to turn the turtle loose in the car, then she needs to use an insecticide–preferably one that is not toxic to humans.

Edited to add:
That segment just came on the show (at least it just came on in my time zone), and apparently the caller was aware that they are the larval stage of beetles. However, since she stated that the “worms” got into the vents and into the upholstery, the turtle is not going to be of help. She needs to contact the Cooperative Extension service at her state agricultural college in order to find out what will kill the beetles without harming the human passengers.