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I think I have slugs in car , as in the morning , I find silvery trails on seats , carpets and dashboard.
the Vents look very suspect as an entrance and exit
They cant be snails as I would be able to find shells , and they dont fit thru vents.
Im a farmer , and not too worried about them ,
but how to catch them ? and are homeless snails good eating ?

Car is 12 years old , and rust free . Im not up for salt , but can I use low salt or salt substitute
or am I just a refuge for homeless snails , what are they survivng on . this is my office car , not the work truck .

Some sources say diatomaceous earth will wipe out slugs. Others deny it. Use food grade, not the other kind. Food grade DE is used in grease filters in restaurants, and some people consume it. You can vacuum it later if it works or not.

Perhaps your state department of agriculture office would have suggestions. They have experts in subjects such as this. And their services are free.

In som eparts of the world slugs are considered good eatin’. They’re served as main courses. Your department of agriculture could probably tell you also if your slugs are safe to eat.

Much more effective than diatomaceous earth is iron phosphate.
After ingesting it, the slugs lose their appetite, and soon die from lack of food.
As a farmer, you should have access to iron phosphate.

Gypsum works too, it is the traditional slug bait used in gardens. I did not know about the Iron Phosphate.

Actually, I have heard that mixing the iron phosphate with gypsum is a good idea.
The gypsum helps to attract them, and then after they eat the mixture, they are soon on the road to slug heaven.

In my veggie gardens, an empty tuna fish can with one inch of flat beer in the bottom attracts massive amounts of slugs–though this is not a practical solution for a vehicle. I have never had slugs in my farm truck–it seems very odd that slugs would want to investigate a very environment.


Dakota’s idea has worked for me…They LOVE beer…So put some in a flat pan on the floorboard and see what you can collect overnight…

NO Dodge Dakota stole my answer! Get the slugs drunk!

Beer is proof that God loves us ( not slugs ) and wants us to be happy
thanks on answers , although worried that beer might increase slugs and they get unruly
they are Irish Slugs , sorry I didnt include this info before .
but who would have thought beer was the answer