Rodent problems

Help we are having serious rodent problems in our car engines. We have traps set in the garage and shop, moth balls in the engines, dryer sheets in the glove box, installed the sonic rodent repellants in both buildings, and nothing has helped. They actually chewed open the sack of mothballs and used them to make a nest. My husband has started setting a trap on top of the engine block at night and has caught 30 mice and one chipmunk in his prius alone. They are also getting in my Tahoe, but seem to prefer the prius insulation. Please help, we own very large dogs but no cats, my son is very allergic. We were told the prius was biodegradable, but we didn’t realize that is was edible.

What about putting the sonic rodent repellant (electronic) ones in the car and engine compartment. My folks use them when they park their cars in their barn and they are pretty happy with the results of those. They keep them plugged in all the time the car is parked in the barn. That cured their rodent problem. They had some of the same issues as you. Or you could get a cat and just keep your son away from it.

You can paint all the exposed wiring with Tobasco Sauce, they won’t like that…Farm stores carry a more extensive line of anti-rodent products, including bulk poisons that will quickly reduce the rodent population…