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Mazda Tribute 2002 Airbag Code 4 4

When the engine is started, the airbage light flashes 4 4 then stays on. What does this mean?

Code 44=Left Side Crash Sensor Fault.


It also means your airbag system is disabled, and the airbags will not function in the event of a crash.

Thanks. If I turn the engine on without being in the drivers seat, the light flashes but stays unlit after the flashing. Then when I sit in the seat, it comes on. Does this change anything?

No. If the light is on while you drive it indicates a fault and the airbags are disabled. This is probably a dealer-only repair, because most indpenedents don’t want to touch the airbag system for fear of setting them off.

I found out what was wrong. It was the alternator. This is the second alternator failure on this car. When the voltage goes low, the airbag sensor system trips and does not re-set. Replacing the alternator requires removing the right wheel/axel assembly. What a design! Some automotive design engineers have funny senses of humor.

Thanks for the advise.