Dang aigbag light

Hello. I’ve search high and low and can’t find out how to fix this. I have a 2002 Ford Mustang GT. I’ve never gotten into an accident (not even a fender bender) yet the airbag light always comes on when I start up my car. It blinks for a few minutes and then eventually it stays on constantly. I’d like to fix this myself but I just can’t find out how to do this. Can anyone help?


Well, you’ll probably at least have to take it to the dealer to have a diagnostic run on the system. That’ll tell you what part of the system is showing trouble. They’re complex systems, but have a relatively small number of parts.

Question for you: does your cruise control work?

Cant find my list of Ford air bag trouble codes at the moment, but as I recall they are all 2x.

Example, if your warning light is blinking 2 times then a pause & 2 more blinks that would be a code 22.

See what you come up with for a code & post it here.

And as mr josh mentioned, if the CC isnt working thats a major clue.

Thanks for replying mr_josh. Yes, the cruise control works fine. I’d like to fix this myself if possible but I’m thinking your idea of taking it to the dealer is the way I might just have to go.

Yes, count the flashes before the light stays on. The codes are available on line. IIRC 1-2 is probably the clock spring behind the airbag in the steering wheel. The internet will say something to the effect of “open circuit”. Does the horn not work too? That’s another indicator of a clock spring fault which is the most likely culprit.

Hi MG McAnick and 87_Ranger. Thank you for your reply. I just checked and when I start it up this is what happens with the Airbag light:
1 blink
nothing for 1 second
9 blinks in a row
10 seconds with nothing
repeats that 8 times.

I have a manual trans. and my horn, blinkers, cruise, everything works just fine.

Is there a specific site that either of you can suggest to look up what this could mean? I’m assuming that there is a reset switch or something like a fuse that’ll get this working again.

Thanks for your help.

Good job getting the code.

Heres a link that will give you some idea on this.

As mentioned about the only option is to disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes & see if the air bag module will reset.If not you need to have a pro check it out.

Read from post 7 at this link http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/237016-air-bag-light-is-on.html

Good luck with it.

hey biglarrrr

 I had a '92 GT, had an accident and had to replace sensors even tho to my disgust, my airbags never deployed. I know you said you weren't in an accident, but have you had to slam on the brakes extremely hard? or have you hit a small animal? I've hit a huge raccoon right after i fixed my car from this accident and it actually cracked my NEW  front bumper cover! 

I really would check out the link that 87 Ranger provided. It was very educational. Since these systems are, uh, extremely “explosive” or sensitive and/or possibly be set off, I still would take it to the dealer.

I don’t have the link pulled up but someone mentioned that “Crash Memory Data Full” is what code 19 is. You said it blinked once…waited…then blinked nine to give the code “19”.

Please let us know what you find. I’m a Ford “Nut” so I’d like to know as well as everyone else so we can help someone else with similar problems.

It’s a long shot, but will a Paxton Supercharger help? Maybe take your mind off of the light? I’m just kidding.

Take Care Biglarrrr

Thanks for the link. Very informative. I will try disconnecting the battery tonight after work.

Hi JPKansas, I’ll let you know what I found out. I’m a Ford nut as well. The only car I’ve ever owned that wasn’t a “Ford” was a '99 Cougar. :slight_smile: