Mazda tribute 178k transmission failure? Sudden loss of forward drive, reverse ok

Noticed slow to move forward at a stop sign, pulled in to get gas, after fillup would not drive forward in any gear, drives fine in reverse. The station attendant checked the fluid, said it was a little low bot looked ok and did not smell burnt. He added some more but no help. Was able to get home, short drive in first. Should i try to drive to transmission shop if any better or tow? No problems in past 178K, kept up with all regular service and fluid changes. Does this sound like a doomed transmission? Anything i can do short term to get thru holidays?

Yes, it sounds like Tranny Time and yes, I would have it towed.

Mazda Tribute
Model-Year ?


2001 i think it’s ES, V6’ automatic with optional AWD

It should be towed and scanned as a first step and it’s best to use a reputable, established transmission shop instead of a chain operation franchise.

You state you’ve kept up with all regular service and fluid changes but that doesn’t answer the biggest question; how often has the transmission been serviced?