Mazda Transmission

When I put in reverse, engine rev’s but does not move very much. checked fluid and it is full and looks good. Forward gears seem OK. Is my tranny shot??

Maybe; I would take it to a good independent transmission shop right away and get an estimate on possible repairs.

Mazda transmissions are expensive to overhaul, but you should get a figure anyway.

The national chains (AMMCO, COTTMAN, etc.) will likely automatically say you need a new one since they don’t like to do much rebuilding on site. Your Mazda dealer will also likely want to just replace it at a very high cost.

Thanks, that’s what I thought. I did take it to a guy that my mailman recomended (lol I think they have a boat together) and he said it wasn’t worth rebuilding as these tranny’s are built so cheaply that I should just replace with a used one for about $2500+/- needless to say I am going to call one of the shops one this site. In doing some research I saw a LOT of horror stories from the national chains.