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Intense Vibration and Clunking in 1987 Mazda Rx7

For the few months I’ve owned this car it’s had a bad vibration problem. I thought it was just the motor mounts until recently, since replacing them did nothing to help. The vibrations usually only occur in gear when some throttle is applied. Sometimes they happen when I’m coasting in neutral, but usually not. It’s most noticeable at 40+ MPH but can sometimes be just as bad when coming to a stop, no idea what triggers it. Doesn’t seem to be RPM dependant. I also hear a clunking noise from what is probably the transmission every time I move the shifter or release the clutch and a similar clunk whenever I press the throttle or release it completely. A friend suggested that it could be the driveshaft, which makes sense, but could that cause the clunking? Very likely not just one problem, maybe also tranny mounts? Thanks in advance.

Typical symptoms of worn out u-joints. If you don’t address this soon, your driveshaft could detach. You really don’t want that to happen.


@tcmichnorth Stole the words right out of my mouf…

After you have done this sort of thing long enough you can know when its the driveshaft just due to the frequency of the vibrations…driveshafts rotate pretty darn fast.

Follow tcmitchnorth’s advice…please.

whew. time machine. my roommate had a new 1985 626 which he liked than he sold it and got a new 88 rx7 gsl with no a/c. was red too. terrible car for mn winters. was a gutless little thing. but he also had a new 82 v6 camaro which was almost as bad. he liked new cars
hmm, what did he buy in 1990?

Did this have the 2.8 liter V6 . . . carbureted?

Is this a joke or a test?

I’m going to guess a Miata . . . because 1990 was the first model year, and I clearly remember that everybody just HAD to have one, and gladly payed several thousand over list, just to get their hands on one

If it’s clunking is related to speed, not rpm, then it’s very likely either a U-joint in the driveshaft or a transmission mount.

Thanks, just ordered a new one. I’m sure my last burnout only made it worse…