Clutch disk or Gear Box!

I have a 98 Mazda Protege-Automatic, it has the following problem:

  • When i press the gas it takes about 2-3 seconds to feel it and start moving.
  • at the beginning of a drive, it is very heavy to go and some time i have to reach 4000 rpm to get it move. after running for some time it is better.
  • some time it sticks to a specific gear (usually 1st or 2nd) and does not shift forward??
    is it the clutch or the transmission or something else? how much it may cost to fix? Thank You

Have you checked the level of the transmission fluid? When is the last time you had the transmission fluid and filter changed? Consult your owners manual for recommended service interval.

If the fluid is low or hasn’t been changed as recommended, that could be the reason.

The transmission is likely in need of an overhaul at this point.

In the case of automatic transmissions, the clutch(s) and transmission are one and the same. The usual failure mode of an automatic transmission is a failure of a clutch pack to hold either because the friction material is worn away or because the hycraulic piston that compresses the pack is leaking and cannot perform.

As mentioned previously, the fluid level is crutial to the operation of the transmission . If the oil pump cannot get enough fluid it will draw air and any clutch pack(s) will lack pressure to hold. So the first thing to do is to check the fluid level and make sure it is up to the “hot” full level.

But, it does sound like the problem has been neglected too long. As a result, transmission damage has likely occured. As to cost you will have to shop around for the best estimate.

Good luck on this