Mazda or lexus?

Mazda 6 2013 premium 2.5 automatic
Lexus is250 2009 2.5 automatic

And why?


This is a US based Forum with very few other country members and how would someone answer without knowing where you are. This is one of those you are going to have to ask the correct people . You insurance agent will answer your questions about rates .Fuel costs can be estimated by the posted miles per gallon of the vehicle and the cost of fuel where ever you are.

Also neither one of those vehicles are a new whip , they are used vehicles.

Mazda over the Lexus…

Newer with less problems.

But really depends on parts and service availability where you live.

Oh , you right imnsorry, lets talk about preference what would u choose over those 2 options and why?

My choice ? That should not even matter to you . Frankly I don’t even want a Lexus in my driveway and there is no logical reason for that . What you should do is what people who come here asking what to buy used is pay a shop to inspect the vehicle and hope for the best.

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I do have the parts for both cars , about preference why mazdA?

You have parts for 2 very different vehicles just laying around ?

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I mean in my country i can get parts for both cars easy

I told you why… the Mazda is much newer. That model Lexus is less reliable than the Mazda


Ive edited the post ,Just want to hear people’s opinions about these two cars

I’d go Mazda. It’s newer, and I suspect the total cost of ownership will be lower than the Lexus.


Also the Mazda is roomier. But either car could have major problems only an inspection will find.

Yes i know , but what you prefer? The mazda or the lexus and why?

I didn’t like the IS when I drove it. I suspect 20 year old me might have, but 40’s me says it’s too small inside, and the interior is just weird. I went with an ES, but then I already have another car to hoon around in, so I wasn’t looking for anything exciting in the daily driver. And really, the IS-F was the exciting IS. The IS-250 is just a commuter car with luxury touches.

With those two choices, I’d take the Mazda.

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Have you even driven either one of these to see which one you like ? If you don’t like one of these but everyone says to buy it you will not be happy . When we buy something the only opinions that matter are mine and the wife person and we don’t even ask anyone what they think of our purchase.

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From the questions the OP is asking he fits his user name.


Rather have a Mazda 3 personally but those that have owned the Mazda 6 have been very happy with their cars. If you’re set between these two cars get the one that you enjoy driving the best. Or look at the Infiniti G35 or G37 just for comparison.

Asking other people to pick a car for you is not very different from asking them to decide what you should eat for dinner. Would you do that?

In both cases, the differences lie in the overall price and the duration of the “ownership”, but the differences between buying dinner and buying a car are HUGE.

What I like and what you might like (whether that might be dinner or a vehicle) are likely to be very different, and that is why the forum members who suggested that you should drive both vehicles, and decide which one you prefer, are correct.

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Tips on the IS250;

The 4GR-FSE engine has direct fuel injection, these engines have been known to have a problem with carbon build up on the intake valves resulting in misfires.

Inspect the interior, these cars have failing trim, the dash pad and door panels peel and crumble.

The touch screen (if equipped) is a common failure.

The HVAC recirculation door is often broken by aftermarket shops while replacing the cabin filter.

Some people believe all you need is a used car inspection but that is very limited. The brakes, tires, lights and powertrain leaks will be inspected but for inherit problems you need to ask on a message board better than this one.

1i just wanna hear people opinions