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Mazda key fob

When we looked at the 2011 Mazda6 we noticed that the key fob looked flimsy. The dealer said they are all made that way and furthermore, if one needs to be replaced only the dealer can handle that and it’s $200 a throw. Has anyone had experience with these particular keys? Also, as I read on a similar thread about another brand, is this something a well supplied locksmith can handle?

Thank you.

“Keyless Entry” Or “Smart Entry” Remote Option ?


Thanks. No, this is for the actual keyed ignition, not keyless.

No, this is for the actual keyed ignition, not keyless. So this key only operates the ignition and you use another key to unlock the door?

$200 is the going rate for a new key and programing so the car knows the key.

Is the key and fob combo a single unit with the key as a switchblade-like operation?
A locksmith might be able to get you in the car, but it’ll take more than that to start the car and drive off. With all the anti-theft gadgets in the car, it needs to be programmed to the car’s specific frequency to ensure you car isn’t stolen by someone just hoping in and using a similar key to drive off('60s GM cars come to mind).

Yes, it is a switchblade-like operation! Any thoughts on how strong these keys are? It seemed rather delicate to me.

i have a 2006 mazda 6 with 140,000 miles no problem with key fob haven’t even replaced battery

Not really sure how strong they are, but that plastic fob that’s attached to the key houses a computer chip inside it that tells the car it’s safe to start.
Don’t feel too bad though, some of the older model CX-7s, and probably other models, had a keyless entry setup where the fob was about the size of a credit card, and only slightly thicker. The key actually fit inside the fob and one had to press something to release the key from the fob