Mazda Cx-9 - Can I disable over speed beeper

I bought mazda cx-9 and I was wondering if anyone can help me out in turning off the over speed beep as it is real annoying. The beep is real loud and annoying.

An over speed beeper? What is that? Must be some new fangled thing. Does it beep when ever you go over 65 mph? How annoying. Who ever thought that was a good idea is an idiot.

Call your local Mazda dealer and ask them. By the way, do you have a navigation system installed? If so, the speeding beeper is probably controlled through the nav system.

I’m not familiar with an overspeed beeper, but if it’s providing a warning when approaching the RPM redline you may not want to disconnect it. The sound cannot possibly be as annoying as the sound of a rod coming through the side of the block.

My 1964 LeSabre has the speed warning buzzer that you can dial in a speed on the speedometer and it’ll buzz if you’re driving over it. In that case you just dial it up to as high as it’ll go, although that’s only 90MPH.

As for your Mazda, assuming it’s not coming on at 120MPH or something, I’d guess that a read through the owner’s manual would say how to adjust or disable it.

I don’t know what yours is, but I have been in a car or two that would buzz when the engine went to red line. If that is the case, may I suggest slowing down?

did you ask dealer. may it is a shift botton if you have a stick over rpm buzzer.