Beeping From Dash

On my 01 Ford Windstar when I go ove 75 mph a beep comes from the dash that sounds just like when you have not fastened your seat belt. I have contacted Ford and no one knows what it is. I have only just bought the van, but according to Ford this is not a saftey feature. Someone Please Help!

Some Fords do this when the odometer has been swapped out and not correctly updated with the car’s actual mileage.

Why are you going over 75mph? In a Windstar. It’s a warning signal.

When I had the same problem the beeping was a backup warning indicator for a burned out SRS/airbag warning bulb.

Make sure all the idiot lights on the dash come on when you turn the key to run.

That’s different. It’s five sets of five beeps that start when you turn on the car, not after you hit a specific speed.

Now that you mention it, that is how mine was acting when the SRS bulb was burned out.

Looks like you are right, this probably is an odometer thing.

The beeping is telling you to SLOW DOWN, before you kill someone.

Does the interior light come on when this happens? I had a Windstar that would do that as if the rear hatch was open from time to time. (It never was)

Really? Is 75 mph really that fast on the highway in a relatively modern car? I’ve always felt that 80 is the ideal cruising speed.

Is 80 mph (or even 75 mph) an ideal cruising speed in a vehicle that has a track record of fractured rear suspension components?

The 2000-01 Windstars are somewhat notorious for a sudden break in the lateral support beam of the rear suspension (usually referred to by owners as a “broken rear axle”). If that happens at high speed, the result would…not be good.

What is the speed limit where you live?? In most states it is less than 75

It may be a sad testament, but the posted speed limit is something I usually ignore except in residential areas, school zones and the like.

…let the flames begin. LOL

Do all the idiot lights and gauges on the dash work? On some cars you get an audible beep when one of these is indicating a problem—perhaps one of the lights is burnt out and you’re getting the beep but no light? I know it’s a long shot.

Is there a way to tell if it has been changed. We bought it used and has done it since we bought it. It has the Digital Odometer

A dealer can scan it and tell you.