Mazda CX 7 NON FOB key programming help

I have a 2008 Mazda CX 7 and my only key was stolen. We have been trying to figure out what to do to get the incode outcode for the key. a locksmith was able to cut two keys for us and he said he could program them to start the car if he has these instructions. He thought he could do it until it asked for that. Is there anyway to not have my car towed 50 miles away to have them charge me 300 bucks plus tow fee since we have 2 cut keys that just need to be programmed?

have you checked the oweners book?try calling a electric toy store for cars maybe they can help.

You would need to look at the factory service manual to see what it says about key programing. I suspect though that the dealer needs to connect the computer to the car for programing. The dealer needed to provide a second key for our Acura and it had to go back to the shop for programing. Sorry but the time to get a second key was when you were down to one and it would have been easier maybe. Now think a little about who stole the key and why to see if maybe locks should just be changed.

Look in the owners manual packet to see if you have the “card key”. I believe you will need this first before new keys can be added.