Mazda cold weather issues

1996 Mazda b3000 with around 115000mi, clutch replaced 18 months ago. Acts like clutch isn’t there if outside temp falls under 30f. Drained, flushed and bled system to no avail. Works fine when not cold outside. Thoughts?

What does “acts like the clutch isn’t there” mean? There are at least two interpretations. One is with regards to the clutch pedal - as in you push the clutch pedal and maybe it just goes to the floor with little or no resistance and you can’t shift it. This would be acting like the clutch pedal isn’t there.

The other interpretation is that you step on the clutch, put it in gear, release the clutch, and the engine revs but the truck doesn’t go. That would be acting like the clutch isn’t there.

I’m going to guess at the first interpretation and say that you probably need a new slave cylinder. The guess would be that the cylinder seals get too hard & shrunken when cold.

And, the bad part is, this truck uses an hydraulic throwout bearing. The transmission needs to be dropped to replace it.