Mazda B2300 (aka Ford Ranger) check engine light



I bought the 1997 pickup at 64K and shortly thereafter the check engine light came on. Mazda’s code said a cannister purge solenoid was bad. Now, at 94K I finally had the solenoid changed, as well as the gas cap. The light stayed off a couple days. Also, every now and then the w-wipers start on their own, and occasionally the dome light will stay on longer than normal. Might an electrical problem be causing the check engine light to come on? What’s the cure?


For the evap problem take the car to autozone & have the codes read. Post the exact code/s here.

One of Fords better ideas was to move the dome light switch from the door jamb-where they never gave trouble-to the door latch.

It’s a common problem & the cure is to shoot it with some WD-40.

For the phantom wipers take a look at & at the top of the Ranger forum, click on the “read first” thread.

Theres a thread in there that explains how to take the wiper switch apart & fix the wipers. Also a common problem.


P1334. Thanx for the info. Anything more???


I looked thru the OBD-2 codes and cant find a P1334.

Are you sure thats the right code?


DTC P1334 - Evap sys malfunction tested cannister purge solenoid for open incurc UIT.

A mechanic’s listing included replacement of the evap purge valve assembly. But the check engine light was back on again within a week. The mechanic claimed it was the same code???


Dont kow what to tell you as I cant find p-1334

P-1443 would make more sense.

See this link

Since you paid good money to have this fixed & it was’nt what does your mechanic have to say about it?