1995Ford Ranger check engine light

I recently acquired a “free” ranger for my grandson. Problem:emission leak we smoked the engine problem appears to be in gas tank area put on new gas cap cleared the check engine light. I started it check engine light comes back on any ideas. I can’t get it to pass inspection until I can get the check engine light off.

With a vehicle this old, those rubber hoses going between the gas tank and charcoal canister, and between the charcoal canister and the engine intake manifold, could be deteriorated and cracked. Replace all of those hoses. Erase the code, and drive the truck a few “trips” to see if the code comes back.

Thank you will give this a try.

My son had this happen after a repair on his Saturn was made. We disconnected the ground cable at the battery for a few minutes. When we hooked everything up, the light was off and stayed off. Guess it re-set.