Another idiot light on

hey brothers i enjoy your show…lets get right to it 2003 ford ranger check engine light is on i put a scanner on it and it comes up both banks are too lean so i took off the aftermarket cold air intake and put back on the stock air cleaner disconected the battery to reset the computer was fine for about 2 hours now its back on so it leads me to believe that its either the fuel filter or an intake leak please please not the intake leak!!!i dont want to get that dirty and i really dont have the time help !your new freind christian in saint augustine fl.please call me or e-mail me 904-982-4294 or maybe you will answer it this sat look forward to the light going out! thanks


You should be aware that Ray and Tom do not monitor this forum and do not respond to questions on this forum. But, with any luck, a forum member who owns a Ranger will be able to advise you.

Let me suggest that you recheck the codes rather than make the assumption they’ll be the same ones. You’ve changed one of the variables, perhaps the result is a different condition.

You may find the new code is a result of the oil from that CAI filter…post back with what you find.

I would add that you must remember that the code is the result of a signal from a sensor or sensors. If the sensor fails, or sometimes an associated part, that can trigger the light.

Does your foot hurt? It should. You shoot yourself in the foot when you don’t provide the diagnostic trouble code (that which set the “check engine light”) with your problem. The word “diagnostic” really does mean that the code provides information about the problem.
If you want your foot to stop hurting, you’ll provide the code. It’s like: P0333.

Have you checked for an airleak in the intake system after the airflow sensor? Cleaning the airflow sensor may also help.

This car has six years of driving and service (or not) history. You’re going to have to cough up much more information for even an armchair guess. Miles? Oil? Oil changes? Accidents? Fuel? Service history?

An air/fuel trim problem can have many causes. Since a code is being stored for both banks, you would be checking for causes that would affect both banks. PCV system leaks could do that, either at the crankcase or in a breather line from a valve cover or cam cover. Finding the cause of an air/fuel trim problem can take some patience but knowing that both banks are affected is a good start. If you want to know exactly what to check, you might go to and get the diagnostic procedures.