B2200 Check Engine Light

I’ve got a 1993 B2200 worth saving! It’s got a perfect body and interior, and 200,000 miles.

A week ago the Check Engine light came on while I was driving, and the engine kept running but noticeably lost power and would bog down when trying to accelerate.

The Check Engine light went off and normal, full power resumed. This has happened about ten times in the past seven or eight days now; and normally for anywhere from 10 ~ 15 seconds to one minute or so at a time.

I have a new battery and replaced the distributor cap, rotor, plugs and plug wires in case of an intermittent short (rotor and cap were ready to be replaced anyway).

The problem continues, though.

What else can I check?

I would also much appreciate learning how to check the engine computer code on this truck.

Thanks in advance~! - Bill

It surely would help you (and anyone who might be able to help) a lot to know what codes the engine is throwing. Many auto parts stores will read these for free, but that is usually with OBDII systems that didn’t come out until '96 or '97. You might call around to see if any of your local shops can read for your '93.

It is also the case that many earlier cars have a way to check the codes without a special code reader. Check out your repair manual if you have one, or try Autozone’s free online manuals (http://www.autozone.com). They should tell you whether or not there is a trick for getting the codes.

Have someone (parts store, mechanic, take your pick) plug in and see what your vehicle’s computer has to say. If the light was on there are codes stored in the computer. Unless you know what the codes are indicating as the problem area you’re just guessing.

Stop guessing and find out what’s going on.

That is as far as the truck is worth driving. It is still worth having the codes read for free but I’m thinking you may have a computer problem from the frequency of the on off situation. I’m familiar with these trucks and there are so many worn out things on it that make no sense to fix that finding a newer truck is a good option.

I do wish it was OBDII so it was easy to read the code!

Circumstances require fixing the truck, which ought to be much less expensive, in the long run, than replacing it.

As noted earlier, she really is in superb shape. All I’d been planning on was a set of tires before winter. Most normal maintenance items are very new or recently replaced, e.g. alternator, belts, radiator hoses, battery, antifreeze, etc.

Starts and runs like a top - 'cept sometimes that top wobbles now and then, now .

I am thinking it will be the coil or whatever Mazda calls the computer on this truck. 15 years of under-hood heat, vibration, etc. can take their toll on those types of electronics.

I will take the advice of getting the code read as suggested, to minimize the chance of unnecessarily replacing a part.

In the event it is necessary, any suggestions on where to find best pricing on computer module, coil, etc?