Mayo out of door?

OK, so my kids stuck some really sticky stickers on the inside of my car windows. I put mayonnaise on them overnight to get them off. The stickers came off – great! But then, before I had a chance to clean off the windows, the kids rolled them down. So now, there’s mayo goo inside the car door/window slot and it gunks up the windows when they’re rolled down and up. Any ideas how to get the goo out?

Next time, I recommend a mild solvent called “Goo gone.”

You can clean the glass every time you drop and raise the window and hope to reduce it by attrition, but to really clean it out you probably need to take off the inner door panel. A detail shop might do this for you for not too much money.

Perhaps you can tape a cloth, like an old towel to the inside of the window. Then roll the window part way down and back up. Some of the goo might stick to the towel in effect cleaning it off whatever it stuck to inside the door panel. Don’t roll the window all the way so the towel can’t come off inside the door. And don’t force the issue if the window seems to roll too slowly just roll it right back up and abandon the towel idea. A towel stuck inside the door is a worse problem than some goo getting on the window.