Master mechanic and rep disagree

four failed attempts to repair hesitation between 55-65mph on 06’ subaru turbo using only high octane. Mechanic stumped admits issue, rep says live with it.

If it was a bit newer I’d suggest invoking the lemon law, assuming you have one in your state. But, probably this car is too old for that, though it would not hurt to check with your state’s Attorney General’s Office to find out.

Keep all the records of repair attempts. Maybe the Attorney General’s Office has a consumer affairs division that will help, also.

Definitely check your state lemon law. You can web search '“lemon law” ’ and find out on lime, often from your state authority. In Cali, you have the entire life of the warranty. You must make a reasonable number of attempts. On or two won’t cut it, but six might. In MD, it’s 15,000 miles and 15 months plus 6 attemts to fix it.

Maybe they have the same problem which we have: lack of information. What model, and sub-model, and engine size? What about the hesitation? Does it happen during cruise or during acceleration? Is it always there, or can you induce it? Any other performance problems? Any other observations?
I don’t really expect you to reply; so, I won’t be too surprised when you don’t.

I think the rep should put it in writing that it cannot be fixed. He has sort of said that the car is a lemon.

So how about providing some information here.
How many miles on the vehicle, maintenance kept up, any CEL illuminated, idles smooth or slightly rough, any timing belt change, buy the car new, etc., etc?
A Lemon Law is not likely going to apply at all; the car is now close to 3 years old.

I agree with hellokit about a disturbing lack of responses to additional information. Info is vital and on this board additional info can be pretty scarce, or non-existent.