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2018 Toyota Camry

I’d had my 2018 Camry for 6 months when it did not start. On my third attempt, the engine turned over. Exactly 2 weeks (to the day) later, it happened again. The engine did not start until AAA provided a battery jump. I then drove the car to a Toyota dealership where it was given a clean bill of health. No problems were detected in the car. A friend advises me to return the car to my dealership and insist on replacing it with another car.
I’m concerned about the possibility of the car being a lemon with the failure to start being a continuing issue.
What would be our suggestion of any action I should take?

Begin by keeping a good record of all the issues. You are light years from a lemon law claim at this point.

What happened the first time the car did not start? No sound, clicking sound, engine tried to turn over but did not catch? Each symptom points to a different problem. Do you keep your phone or other after market electronics plugged in? Are you leaving any lights on? All of these can drain a battery. As @GorehamJ says you are a long way from claiming a lemon and having Toyota take the car back under the lemon law. Toyota has a very good reputation for quality and customer service, but if they cannot duplicate the problem they cannot fix it.

Unfortunately, your friend has no clue as to how Lemon Laws work!
You aren’t yet in a position to pursue a Lemon Law claim, but if you do reach that point (in most states, three failed repair attempts for the same problem), you must submit your claim to the vehicle manufacturer, NOT to the dealership.

As was already stated, be sure to retain all documentation of the attempted repairs.