Marker on car

my son took black permanent marker to my car (door, hood, window, mirror, headlight, hood). Any one know how to remove it safely without a paint job?

Take a dry erase marker, the kind you would use on a white board, and apply it liberally over the permanent marker. When you wipe the dry erase marker off of the vehicle the permanent marker should come off with it.

Might come off with regular paste car wax.

I use rubbing alcohol to remove permanent marker (Sharpie). Other than stripping the wax, I don’t think it would hurt the paint job. Best to test in an inconspicuous area first followed by a coat of wax.

Ed B.

Polishing compound, then a coat of wax.

NuFinish sells a product called Scratch Doctor. This would remove the marker.


Cigarette ashes for the glass and maybe even the paint, but since it works like polishing compound, maybe use that instead. Car wax is always my first try.