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I have a jeep 1991 Jeep Wrangler 4.0l 6cly with a 5 speed manual shift and is having issues with shifting in to gear when you shift to neutral while stopped at stop light or a stop sign and when trying to shift in to first gear sometimes you have to turn the engine off and then you shift in to fist just fine then you have to of course have to restart the engine.

Any ideas of what could be the issue?

Slave cylinder failure. That one may be located in the bell housing, or it could actually be the master cylinder. Either hunker down and replace both to include a clutch and resurface flywheel or add a small amount of trans fluid to the clutch master to swell the seals to make it work a while longer… Sorry everyone and yes it is a used car trick. Make sure you do not at it to the brake resevoir or you will screw yourself.

It sounds like the clutch is not disengaging fully. Likely a hydraulic problem. Start by checking the level of fluid in the clutch reservoir.

I don’t recommend putting anything other than brake fluid in the clutch hydraulic system.

If it is not a hydraulic issue with the clutch master cylinder or the slave cylinder, then it will most likely turn out to be that the pressure plate in the clutch assembly has lost tension on the spring fingers.

When this happens, the clutch no longer fully disengages the transmission from the engine, while the engine is running, sort of like if you were feathering the clutch with your foot, and then tried to shift gears.

The only way to resolve this issue is clutch replacement.