Clutch problem

I have a 1996 Plymouth neon manual transmission. I killed the clutch a few days ago. all I did though was push it in to slow down. I tried putting it in first, with the clutch still pushed in, and it started grinding, so I left it in neutral and let off the clutch. It was loose and I knew I had killed it. I can still start the car, and the cable is not broke. I can’t, however, put it into gear. It doesn’t grind, it just won’t go into gear. What’s broke?

Can you put it in gear when the car isn’t running??? If you can’t then it’s not the clutch, but the transmission.

Yes, i can. So, you think its the transmission?

If the transmission shifts normally with the engine shut off, the problem is the clutch. It sounds like your clutch is not disengaging when you step on the pedal, and I don’t think you killed it, I think it’s just worn out.

If there is a clutch cable, perhaps it can be adjusted to take up the free play. There could also be a problem with the release bearing (aka throw-out bearing) or the clutch disc itself.

Agreed. If you can shift normally without the engine running it’s the clutch.

The cable may have stretched, or pulled a few strands. I had this happen to an old VW. I thought just adjusting it would work, but a couple of weeks later, the cable snapped.

Have someone work the pedal as you look at the clutch fork. If it doesn’t move very well, replace the cable. If it requires a lot of adjustment to work, replace the cable.

Clutches very seldom fail suddenly…They just slowly start slipping when they are worn out. With someone working the clutch pedal, you look at the other end of the cable under the hood…The “clutch fork” is somewhere on the bell-housing. It should move a couple of inches as the pedal is operated. There should be a LITTLE slack in the cable, but not much. A sudden failure like yours points to a cable or linkage problem, not a clutch problem…

There is a self adjustment mechanism at the clutch peddle, Maybe something went amiss with it.

I will give a second to the automatic adjuster failing. Have that looked at it may be a relatively cheap repair.