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Unable to access 5th gear and reverse on manual trans

Just today while I was driving all of a sudden I was unable to access 5th gear. When I went to shift up from 4 to 5, it was like the stick was hitting a wall and it just directed me back to 3rd gear. No because both 5th and reverse are on the same side, I also cannot access reverse.

I have no problems with the other gears. I’ve read that it may be a couple of different things but not sure. any ideas?

I recently had an almost identical problem on a VW; could not access 5th gear; went into 3rd instead. It was a broken plastic link on the shift mechanism. It cost me 12 bucks for the part and I was relieved that the problem was not internal to the transmission. Possibly yours is similar.

My reverse is adjacent to 1st gear, not across from 5th.

You might be in luck, the problem might be your linkage. There is a very easy way to tell if the linkage (the mechanical, manual aspect of shifting gears). Try shifting through all gears with the clutch depressed. If you cannot, the linkage has lost a rivet or is bent or both.
Your linkage is pretty fragile, in a way. Start with that.

Make model and year of your car?

BTW I also would suggest checking the linkage first.

It’s a '91 Saab 900s, thanks everyone for your input. I’d like to take the car to the shop this week and offer the mechanics some info.

Hi. Even I got the same issue as you. All of a sudden the 5th gear and reverse seems to be not working. And when I was shifting from 4th to 5th, it just going to 3rd gear and when I try to reverse the car, it moves forward.

Not sure what happened internally, but panicked.

Please suggest me what can be done here, and is it an expensive thing to be rectified?

My car’s model is Maruti Suzuki Swift vdi

Since the OP has not posted back in 10 years it will be difficult to know how he fixed it

Sure , you put it in a shop and pay for a diagnostic . State that you want an estimate before any repairs are done . That way you can decide if you want to spend the money .

Yes, but what could be the exact issue for this to be happened. I still wonder how has it happened all of a sudden!

Things break , just that simple . And without seeing your vehicle in person all people can do is guess . Since it appears that you are going to have a shop fix this let them tell you what happened . And this is a US based forum and Suzuki has not been sold here for years . A Suzuki based forum might be best.

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