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Manual transmission in Ford Explorer

I took my 1993 Ford Explorer for an oil change they told me I also needed a rear differential service and a transmission service, so I told them to go ahead (this was on a wednesday). On friday the car broke down leaking transmission fluid (reddish oil). The clutch was making a sound when pushed in and we were not able to shift. I towed it back to the place where the oil was changed the gentelman open something under the car and he said that it had transmission fluid. He got on the car turned on and push the clutch when he did that a lot of fluid began coming out (reddish oil). He said it was the clutch that went out. We think they messed up the transmission. I towed the truck to a garage and the guy mentioned something about a plug related to the transmission. Could the oil people have done something wrong to the transmission that made the car break down???

“He got on the car turned on and push the clutch when he did that a lot of fluid began coming out (reddish oil).”

I think there’s a leak in your hydraulic clutch, not the transmission.
The red fluid is old brake fluid (which is what hydraulic clutches use).

I’ve never seen red brake/clutch fluid. All of the brake fluid I have seen has either been almost clear light brown, like new motor oil, or dirty brown/black. The only red fluid I have seen under the hood of a car is ATF and long-life coolant.

Yaremi, instead of posting what your mechanic “mentioned something about,” we need to know EXACTLY what you were told by each party. Then, perhaps, we can help.

What place did the fluid changes? It sounds like Jiffy Lube or some other quick oil change shop. Lots of confusing info in your post. Someone needs to identify exactly what fluid is leaking and from where?

It seems your clutch isn’t working the clutch uses fluid to make it work. So, my guess is that the fluid is clutch fluid leaking. Did the fluid change place do something to cause this? Perhaps, but is also very possible the clutch just let go on its own.

Whitey, dirty brown/black brake fluid could be mistakenly described as “reddish oil”.