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Wrong fluids

I made a mistake and put gear oil in my 1988 5 speed Ford Ranger now I know that I put it in about a month ago but not that much well when I picked it up from the mechanic shop I found out that the line was leaking hydraulic line and I had put more in it I immediately towed it to the mechanic I have put a new clutch in it about 2 months ago have I ruined my clutch or how long will it last after they fix the line and put new fluid in

Anybody who knows please contact me. I’d like next week’s powerball number!

Nobody can possibly guess with the total nonexistence of any information about the vehicle except that it’s 29 years old. Sorry.

You put gear oil where in your Ranger? Clutch master Cylinder? You can have your mechanic try flushing the fluid but you may need a new master and slave cylinder. I have no idea where the slave cylinder is on a ranger but on some vehicles you have to remove the transmission to get at it.

I put gear oil in Reservoir about a month after I had a new clutch put in well the line had a hole in it and clutch went out well macanic is about 3 blocks from my house did not want to pay for a tow so I put some gear oil in get it to shop now I’ve only drove on new clutch about a month so I know the first Time it got threw and maybe a little this time but I’ve spent 2000 on the clutch and other work what should I do after they fix line bec it’s 1000 to put in a clutch and this one only 2 months old

You don’t need a new clutch, but you do need new master and slave cylinders and lines. The slave is in the bell housing so the transmission has to come off.

WHAT reservoir?

Assume he means clutch fluid reservoir, which is remote on this truck.

Yes u right ty this sucks bec I’ve put 3000 in this truck just got new clutch now I gona have to pay 1000 again the parts are not that expensive it’s the labor .What will happen if they fix line and put new fluid in how long would it last I mean it’s still brand new

U know I had it done and bec it was old truck I would check fluids 2 times a week well I seen that little cup and it looked lie so I went to auto zone ask what type of gear oil and he showed me what to get but I did not read the cap were it said brake fluid the guy at AutoZone should of new I can’t prove it so this all sucks that little bit of fluid has messed up my new clutch any body want to buy it I paid 2600 and have put 3700 in it I’ve only drivin it 2 weeks been in out shop since I bought it got a new oil pump in it that’s what it just got out shop for now this i don’t know what to do

How much gear oil did you put in, a cup, a quart, a gallon…?

If this just happened now have the fluids changed and see what happens. I would not replace anything unless something breaks first.

If you communicated as well with the clerk at Autozone as you do with us, I can understand how it happened. With all the misspelling and lack of punctuation, it is just too difficult to figure out what you are trying to say. The only thing I get from your post is that you are unhappy with having to remove your transmission (again) but none of us can do anything about that.


LOOK I DID NOT COME ON HERE FOR sympathy about about my transmission I have mg and use baidaids to hold my eyes open so after typing awile can’t see as good .but I guess if u was a English teacher u would not be answering this and if u could not understand just keep your mouth shut .I’m on a fixed income and doing the best I can .I got lied to about the truck so was nothing I could do .as I put money in to it somthing else went wrong so I started asking for help to make sure not getting screwed again but please let the other people help me bec if I knew anything about a engine I would not be asking .God loves u all I can do is pray for people like u junging me means something is wrong in your life .No body wants to pay for somthing to get done again if they don’t have to if u don’t understand what I’ve said now maybe u need the help


Gear oil or just about any oil will swell & ruin all the seals in components that require hydraulic fluid. You’re best bet is to replace the clutch master and slave cylinders. I’d probably replace all the tubing in between too. I’m not sure whether you’ll have to replace the clutch itself, but you may need to remove the transmission to get access to the slave cylinder. That would be a good time to look at the clutch, as it is possible the gear oil leaked out and got on the clutch disc. If so you may have to replace the clutch disc, and clean the flywheel etc. Not the end of the world, but quite a few hours of labor involved.

God’s book is written such that we can understand what it says. I can type just fine with my eyes closed. I’m doing it now, in fact.

No one is being mean to you - we cannot help you if you cannot articulate your problem. We’re trying to nudge you toward comprehensibility so that we can give you proper advice.

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Look I’m glad u can some people don’t spend all day on there phone or computer and not realy good at using them .instead of being a smartass ,u did not have to say what u said all u had to do was say her sir I can’t understand what u saying but u like alot of people bec u can do somthing good u think it gives u the right to put someone down on what they might not b good at like I said I’m not gona junge u god will u know u was being a smart ass and trying to b funny ok I’m happy for u now just leave me alone good luck in life I hope one day god will show u your ways and u can change them .if people was to just try and help each other with understanding and compassion Instead of putting them down or trying to make them look dum or cracking a joke to look good on social media it would b a better place .I’m done talking to u i got the helo from someone else who understood what I was saying so maybe u need the help but I’m find I got the help I needed .so no need to email me nomore.

OP requests proper “gear oil” which is used in the Ford Ranger pickup’s manual transmission gearbox and I’m guessing differential(s). OP adds gear oil to clutch hydraulic master cylinder reservoir causing damage which is somehow the Autozone clerk’s fault.

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