Man leads police on wrong way police chase in burning car!

It all ended well but this is nuts. Drugs have certainly been causing lots of issues throughout the country and this is just another side-effect. Can anyone tell what kind of car this was before it was burned to a crisp? Maybe a Chrysler/Dodge of some sort?

Naw, just goes to show that once the trim and markings are missing, most cars look pretty much identical. Sorta like lawn mowers. Now back in the 50’s burned or not you could tell what it was. Even the stamped metal license plate could still be read. Not the state, but the plate anyway.

Is that the definition of a Hot Pursuit?


Related to this guy?

Genius or flaming idiot? Mechanic de-ices windscreen by replacing washer fluid with petrol then setting it on fire

I once stumbled upon some type of “flame thrower kit” for cars while looking for something online. It basically had a gasoline reservoir and a small pump to inject gas into the hot exhaust, causing fire to blow out the back of the car! I can’t imagine this being legal and hopefully is only for shows, stunts, and other offroad use. They had links to Youtube videos of the product and you could see it would have been very easy to catch the back of the car on fire with this thing.

Some guy back in high school figured out how to make a “smoke screen kit” with his car by accident. He decided to change his own oil. The problem was that he didn’t realize you didn’t just add the specified amount of oil and had to remove/drain the old oil first. Anyway, he adds the specified amount of oil to the car without draining the old. I seem to also recall there being some extra oil left so more had to be better and he added that as well! He started it up and drove a couple miles to a friend’s house. The description he gave was that he pretty much couldn’t see anything behind him because of all the smoke pouring out the back. He made it to his destination with the engine coughing and puking oil out the tailpipe. The car wouldn’t start so he had to have it towed. Apparently no major damage was done as he was back to driving the car soon after.

The kit’s do say “For offroad use on vehicles without a catalytic converter” but do we really expect a person who wants one of these kits to worry about legality?

Top Gear USA featured a Buick with one of these kits when they made their own RV’s but the way it appeared to be controlled you had to be standing by the back of the car to make the flames come out.

When you’ve got a replica of the flatiron building on top of a Buick the flamethrower kit isn’t the only thing for the legal department to worry about.FlatironBuilding-RV

Wow! That’s near me. I live in University City where he clipped one car. Missouri produces a special breed of stupid.

Have you met Florida Man?

Can’t say I have but I’ve definitely heard of him. My grandfather lived there and the Mrs. has relatives in the Sunshine State. It’s not a competition, Missouri can have its own special breed of morons. So can wherever you call home.

I have to say that Missouri has its share of stupid. Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are pretty much unusable here if you ask me. There are too many nuts that simply waste your time to make it worthwhile.

I have felt like starting a roundabout livestream. You wouldn’t go a minute without seeing some nutcase doing something stupid in one of the roundabouts here. I have never seen someone going the wrong way but have been told this is a pretty common thing.

I hear Florida pretty much takes the cake. Texas and Ohio seem to also make the news quite often but think Missouri must be right up there with them.

As for the flamethrower kits and such, I bet there have been some stories of people catching their car on fire. As for this police chase, I wonder if he hit something which caused rubbing or something to leak and catch fire. I think it is amazing that he drove a considerable distance with the car fully burning. I guess drugs make the impossible possible.

Here are a few good videos. Apparently this can just happen.

In all seriousness, meth and heroin are a big problem here and I think we are not alone.

From a few years ago and a different way to fuel a van

Open Bucket of Gas Contributed to Bellevue Van Explosion

Three Bellevue residents suffered serious burns after fumes from an open container of gasoline exploded inside their van, investigators say.

By Venice Buhain, Patch Staff
Jan 20, 2011 7:43 pm ET | Updated Jan 21, 2011 11:24 am ET

BELLEVUE – Fumes from an open bucket of gasoline inside a stalled van contributed to an explosion that sent three Bellevue residents to the hospital with burns, police and fire officials said Thursday.

The woman told investigators that she and two male friends were getting some gas from a Factoria gas station minutes before the explosion, according to a Bellevue police press release. They were having problems keeping the older model Chevy van running, so they filled an open bucket with two gallons of gas and kept it inside the van because they did not have a proper enclosed gas container.

After removing the engine cowling from between the two front seats to get direct access to the carburetor, the group used a water bottle to transfer gas from the bucket directly into the carburetor from the inside of the van to keep the engine running, police said.

The vehicle stalled just before 145 Place S.E and the driver tried to restart it, Bellevue police said. Investigators say that the fumes built up from the open bucket of gas exploded, triggered by the van’s own ignition when the driver tried to restart the van.

The van became fully engulfed in flames and started rolling backwards, Bellevue police said. Witnesses told police the woman jumped out the back of the van and fell to the ground on fire, with the van rolling over her leg. The two men, who were also on fire, jumped out of the van and ran towards the Chevron station on the corner. One of the men made it to the station and tried to douse himself with water, police said.

Bellevue Police and Bellevue Fire personnel responded immediately and the burning vehicle was quickly extinguished. The three victims remain at Harborview Medical Center for treatment of burns. Their names have not been released, and no charges will be filed, said Bellevue police spokeswoman Officer Carla Iafrate.

The fire closed Kamber Road for a while as police and fire responded to the blaze.

Bellevue Fire spokesman Lt. Eric Keenan said that it is a horrible idea to carry gasoline without a proper container, especially inside a vehicle.

Fumes from the gasoline can escape from a bucket, which creates a dangerous situation, he said.

“The fumes are what ignite,” he said. “Especially in an enclosed environment, you’re basically creating a situation where you can cause an explosion if the fumes find an ignition source.”

Here is another one!