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1971 Morgan Roadster -Flame thrower

I have a 1971 Morgan which I frequently drive. My problem is with the people who pull up very closely to my rear bumper to get a look at my car. I am afraid that if I have to stop suddenly that I will be rear ended and being such a small and low car that I will be the loser. I am thinking of installing a “flame thrower” exhaust (think the film Grease). Could this be a way to keep people at a distance? Can I do it easily and economically? And of course, how is it done? Thanks in advance. MoMini

Youtube is full of videos with “Flame Thrower” cars burning to the ground.

Everytime you take the Morgan out, take a container with fine gravel. When the climb up your tail toss a little over your shoulder so it bounces off the windshield of the offending car. Don’t use the big stuff, you don’t want to crack the glass, just get their attention.

This is an old motorcycle trick because we have the same problem.

Or pull over and let them stop and talk to you about the car. Those that are just jerk tailgaters will not stop.

I usually curse them under my breath. I wouldn’t have the guts to do it to their face. Then I swallow my pride, and just pull over and let them by. Sometimes I’ll be a complete jerk and just go slower and slower.

Your car has a frame made from a tree and you are considering a flame thrower? You may seriously want to consider some Nomex undies. Just a thought…


Beyond the… Less than wise idea of spitting flames from a wooden car, shooting fire at other cars seems like a great way to end up in jail.

In many states it is also illegal…

If the OP isn’t aware that his car is one of the very few vehicles manufactured after the 1930s with a wooden frame, then he should consider that fact before thinking about adding a flame thrower.

The OP needs to speak with his local police department, or possibly the state police, regarding his idea.

I have seen a bumper sticker that reads


And many people get too close just to read the bumper sticker. Sometimes we can’t win for losing.


Many years ago, I read about a Rolls-Royce owner who was annoyed by all of the people who tailgated his car in order to get a better look at it. So, he rigged an extra windshield washer reservoir and pump in the trunk, and he installed a nozzle somewhere in the rear of the car. And, he filled the reservoir with some sort of brightly-colored liquid dye.

When other drivers got too close, he would press the button that activated his little revenge machine, and the tailgaters got sprayed with that dye. This might also be illegal, but it would be a heck of a lot safer than a flame thrower.

Maybe spraying a little oil into the muffler when needed would throw out enough white smoke to keep cars back.


Lots of good suggestions, thank you all. I may try a few!

Just know that if you let loose some pebbles on a car following you, that person may not be too pleased…

And here we thought you were dead after 5 years of no contact, but did you ever consider maybe it’s time to use another more robust vehicle for daily use?

Talk about instigating road rage.

If someone threw rocks at my car, or shot flames at it, I’d hit the gas, hit 'em in the ass, and try to run them off the road.


I saw a bumper sticker one time that said the closer you get the slower I go.

Or he could just fill it with plain water. That works, too. I’ve seen people use the windshield washer to discourage tailgaters. If the follower is too close, their windshield will get wet enough that they have to clear it with the wipers.

I just pull over to the slowest lane and let them pass by. If I’m already in the slow lane I just ignore the tailgater and hope for the best.

All the road rage people out there I am not spraying colored water or rocks on anyone, back off led in the rear window is about as far as I would go.

Yeah I saw a kid stop his car in the middle of the highway, get out and jump on the hood of the car following him too close (according to him). I guess I would have done something if he tried to open the girl’s door or something but he didn’t so I just reported him to the Sheriff. Some people are just nuts and this was back when most people were sane.