Mama Wrench Feeding Baby Wrenches




Wow! It looks like the adult is a
Crescent Billed Nut Thrasher.

The babies haven’t yet developed their adjustable bills. They will though, before leaving the mechanic’s wire nest and begin migrating to a tool box!



And now I’ve discovered that if “the sentence looks unclear” this new forum software won’t allow me to post it. :rage:

Carolyn, you’re a good lady, but this software is getting nuts.


Great photo. This is something rarely if ever seen, let alone captured on film in the wild. Bravo !!


Would that be an English Crescent Billed Nut Thrasher or… a Metric Crescent Billed Nut Thrasher :grin:



Very similar to the Hairy Chested Nut Scratcher, but with a smaller wingnut span. :wink: