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J nut

What is a j nut and how do you get it off? Does it need a special tool?

Who said that? A bit more to the point; where was it written and what job was it referring to? Could it have been a jamnut? Uproot the tree of questions and observe the dangling appendages. What do you see? More questions! From Dune; it’s one of the lessons learned by a mentat in training.

A J nut is a stamped sheet metal device that a sheet metal screw threads into. No special tool required. Here’s what they look like.


Thanks, Tester. I never knew the proper term before. I had no idea what those things were called. J nut. Always happy to learn something new.

A Mentat in training,eh? Now when I read your posts I’m going to think of Thufir Hawat.

FYI, these can also be called clip nuts.

Hawat is the reason that I trim my eyebrows. I’m glad that someone knew what a J nut is. I always hated those things on airplanes. They were always used in the worst places.