Malibu shimmy and shake

Help!!! My 2007 4 cyl. Malibu does a shimmy and shake when I step on the brakes. It seems to be worse when traveling at a faster rate of speed then when driving around town.

The problem might caused from warped disc brake rotors. Have someone do a brake inspection and check for excessive run-out of the brake rotors.


Had someone check the run-out already I think they said it was .008 on the drivers side and .003 on the passenger side in front.

The maximum run-out spec on the rotors is .002. The rotors are warped.


omg does that mean alot of $$ to fix?

Thanks a bunch for the info, gotta go:)

@car61 so you definitely need the rotors machined, if not replaced

BTW why did the guy that measured the runout not want to do the brake job?

When this happened to my Malibu, it was because the folks who last replaced my tires went a little nuts with the pneumatic wrench. It only cost about $400 to fix, but we were able to get them to pay for the damages (turns out they had fired the crew responsible already, I guess it happened to more people).