2003 Chevy Impala Brakes?

Had front brakes & rotor replaced on 2003 impala, at highway speeds when I hit the brakes there is a shaking / wobbling sound. Brought it back & said they found no problems. I am not bringing it back there again but any ideas what this sound could be ? Thanks !

Cheap rotors can cause that problem right out of the box especially if the mechanic did not tighten the wheel in a star pattern. Their response is to deny-deny-deny because they didn’t want to buy you new rotors. Heck, even good quality rotors can suffer from warping if the wheels is tightened in a round pattern rather than star.

Your car is notorious for that problem.

Sometimes shops fail to remove corrosion from the hubs prior to installing the new rotors.

If this isn’t done, it can cause run out of the rotors which can cause shaking when braking.

That’s why they make this tool.



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You need to have someone loosen and then retighten the lug nuts in a proper fashion, using a torque wrench. The people who did the brake job should do it, for nothing. It’s part of the job you already paid for.

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Thanks everyone, yet to hear back from the NEW mechanic but it does appear to be a simple fix. Will let you all know, Thanks again !

It was a bad rotor and the NEW mechanic only charged me for the rotor. Thanks again for everyone’s help !

Get your money back for that faulty rotor.